Thursday, October 25, 2007

web fear

Several years ago, I sent my brother a link to my website. He immediately, and without permission, forwarded the link to every single one of my relatives. I come from a big family. My mother doesn't know I like sex.

So I suffer from a little post traumatic web disorder. I'm deathly afraid that someone will read my blog. This, despite overwhelming evidence that no blog in history has ever actually been viewed. I also fear publicly making fun of someone I end up marrying. Or rather, realizing I want to marry after he leaves me for a woman discreet enough to refrain from blogging about his underwear.

But PTWD seems manageable in comparison to, say, being pointed at by an Aye Aye. (A scary-ass lemur that lives only in Madagascar.) Wikipedia says the natives are superstitious about Aye Ayes. Like that's weird or something. Listen to the creepy tap tap tap sound they make.

Now tell me that creature isn't a minion of Satan.

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