Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Tonight I met a couple of friends for dinner at their opulent workplace, where dinner is always free. (Even for Sequoia, who was offered organic homemade dog treats from a basket.)

My friend Kevin (the girl with the boy's name) bowed her head and prayed silently for a moment before we ate. I love stuff like that. That serene moment of thankfulness. Particularly about food, which is so vital to our continued existence, yet so easy to take for granted. (Although, personally, I would've made sleep the traditional "thank you" time. Or hot showers. I would totally thank the creator of the universe for hot showers.)

If you stop for a second (like, say, during a 5.6 earthquake) and try to figure out how to go without food for three days, you remember how incredibly lucky you are to have it. Anyway, neat to see someone who spends 40 hours a week in utopia remembering to be grateful.

I'll post more about utopia tomorrow -- tonight I'm too sleepy to properly analyze a place that posts software code (for debugging/QA purposes) next to the toilet.

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