Thursday, September 23, 2010

indecent exposure

I haven't blogged since the Napa Valley conference listed all our blogs for each other and since the guys at work showed me how easy I am to cyberstalk. So tonight is the first time I ever viewed my traffic stats (Yep, yep, two readers. If you include that Bollywood guy who is hoping I'll reveal some new screenplay plot even though I had to heavily redact the last one.)

The traffic stats make me sad. Apparently, people Google "inventions" and get dumped into my inventions I want invented post. I have seriously let those (18) people down. And the other six are Googling shiny new australia and come up hands empty with me. I feel like I've reached into their hearts, ripped out seven and a half minutes worth of heartbeats, and yelled, "You'll never get this time back, loser!"

The solution is to take my blog off search, but nobody I know has bookmarked it. Come to think of it, no one I know can remember its name either, so search is useless here. Which leads me to the realization that without the geeks I have no one.

How can this not have occurred to me until now?


leesajay said...

i have it bookmarked!

Sue said...

I came across your blog and enjoyed what I read. Keep it up! (I was searching for info for my daughter who has persistent unwanted thoughts!)

Elisabeth said...

I came here through Lakin's blog - drawn by your blog title. I too suffer from 'persistent unwanted thoughts', and I suspect that if Lakin follows you, there must be something worthwhile here.

There seems to be as much. And I'm another all the way from downunder in Australia. We are a worthwhile bunch of writers down here, however far away we might appear to be.

Wayfarer said...

Hey, wrong on both counts. I bookmarked your blog at home, but since I'm at the office, I googled for your blog title and it came up about 4th in the list.