Friday, December 7, 2007


Last night I watched a clip of Ellen Degeneres interviewing Jenna Bush.

I don't know if she's the twin who was caught drinking underage (maybe they both were) but even if not, I'm not inclined to think well of that girl.

Anyway, what killed me is how terribly sweet she seems. I couldn't not like her, determined as I was. She even makes that Bush monkey face look cute. I have no idea what they were talking about (some book she wrote; as though she has anything to say), but Ellen suddenly asked her if she could call her dad anytime she wanted. She said, "sure," so Ellen brought out a phone.

Jenna was totally respectful, worrying that they might be asleep, worrying that it was rude to put her parents on TV with no warning. She had the air of someone who always tries to do the right thing. Which is waaay not the air I expected of a Bush family member.

Not only was she respectful, she joked around with her parents in such a relaxed, natural way. Ellen put up a giant photo of GWB holding the twins when they were born. Jenna said, "Wasn't that the happiest day of your life, Dad?" (in the hopes that he wouldn't get mad about the live TV thing). Even the photo of her dad was hot! And it takes a lot for me to admit that. But he looks pretty good with thick, disheveled hair, pre-bombing thousands of people into the stone age.

Anyway, damn those Republicans. I really didn't want them to be that charming.

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