Friday, July 3, 2009

it's possible to have sex in my bedroom

Conditions in my bedroom have improved to the degree that limited sex is now theoretically possible. And not just the masturbate then cry yourself to sleep kind (that kind was always available). I'm talking about actual sex involving at least two human partners.

And probably at most two, since we're still light years away from advanced highly-technological sex. There will be no homemade chocolate chip pancakes in the morning, although I did purchase an extra toothbrush as proof of concept.

One day, it may even be possible to have sex in my bedroom with me. Science is working steadily toward that goal (which has been called "Not impossible. Just improbable.") and is hoping to make great strides within the coming year.

I'm not ready to invite alpha testers yet, but today I put all the furniture back where it was supposed to be, organized the contents of my closet, and cleaned the floor, including under the bed.

Now all I need are some vanilla scented candles.

1 comment:

lisa j said...

You are the funniest person I know.

Though I have to ask: why does sex with more than two partners have to be highly technological? Last time I checked (admittedly, a while ago) it was pretty low-tech.